Architectural Salvage

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Red and White Oak Flooring

Vintage Oak

Vintage oak flooring is salvaged from 200 + year old barns and buildings from the New England area, utilizing the same remilling technique as our vintage pine. This floor works very well in both a formal atmosphere as well as a relaxed country setting.


Antique Oak

Resawn oak timbers slavaged from barns and buildings from the Midwest to the Mid-Atlantic. The flooring manufactured from these old growth timbers exhibits exceptional color and character, which easily distinguishes this flooring from new oak. We mix our red and white oak to great effect.


Antique Red Cypress

A virgin growth cypress tree once harvested had often attained an age in excess of 1000 years, and old growth cypress from the American Gulf Coast Plain has a density, color and versatility that gave it immeasurable value. The old growth has all been harvested, but we search for the occasional reclamation project which contains this exceptional wood.


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