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Antique Heart Pine Flooring

Country Heart Pine

This grade of flooring is great for the old farmhouse/cabin look. It has variable heartwood, variable grain, random knots and nail holes. An excellent candidate for staining, this grade looks great in wide widths. Also a great grade for paneling.

Traditional Heart Pine

The most popular of our heart pine flooring, traditional grade offers 75% heartwood. With a variable grain, random nail holes and knots, this flooring works very well in rooms where a more casual look is desired.

Heart Pine Select

Our select grade offers 95% heartwood and 50% vertical grain. A few random nail holes and knots less than 2" in diameter give this grade some character while maintaining its more formal look.

Vintage Select Heart Pine

Using our specialized milling techniques we take advantage of the natural patina in our antique wood to recreate the look of 100 year old floor. You have to see and touch this unique flooring to fully appreciate its beauty and charisma.

Vertical Grain Heart Pine

Vertical grain is the caddillac of heart pine flooring. With 90-95% quartersawn, very occasional dime size knots, small nail holes and very high growth ring density, this elegant flooring is the finest we offer. Because of the difficulty in quartersawing, this flooring is not available in widths over 5".

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